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From Lego to Web

My journey in web development began in childhood with Lego blocks, where I first embraced the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Today, I bring this creative ethos to my work in web development, constantly exploring new technologies, to enrich user experience and interaction.

Design-Driven Development

My path in technology started with HTML and progressed through the Flash era, expanding into UX/UI design, Motion Design, and 3D. The discovery of React JS rekindled my coding enthusiasm, pulling me back into the realm of web development with a renewed focus on front-end and occasionally full-stack projects.

My goal is to blend innovative technology with superior design, ensuring each project I undertake is remarkable for its functionality, performance, and visual appeal.


Here are some of the latest projects I've worked on, primarily as a developer, although some also include my contributions in UX and architecture.

  • scania.DldvXkuL
  • hm.BSg1BAw1
  • parfymse.ClX-A__G
  • workaround.DwSI2Q9v
  • vodafone.DsL_30Sx
  • ecchorights.CfMVK9wN
  • dn.CaE7bs8f
  • jm.O2vh0mt9
  • aco.CmkRYEha
  • nk.Kj8SoR-7
  • energizer.DxCGsbaN
  • adidas.D6gpVPLM
  • Reimagining online-fashion


    As a lead frontend developer, I contributed to the development and maintenance of product pages, adapting them to various tech stacks. For five years, my role involved managing maintenance and integrating new features into the existing infrastructure. This work required balancing innovation with stability, supporting the performance and user experience on one of the world's largest e-commerce sites.

    • Next.js
    • React
    • Vanilla JS
    • A/B Testing
    • i18n
    • Architecture
    • Scrum
    • Screenshot of Denmark
    • Product Recommendations
    • Mobile PDP
    • Product Details
    • Reviews
  • Reimagining online-fashion


    As a key member of the frontend development team, I had the exciting opportunity to contribute to the development of their new website, a project that was much more than a mere facelift.

    • Next.js
    • Tailwind
    • React
    • Storyblok
    • Centra
    • Scrum
    • Iridescent ripples of a bright blue and pink liquid
    • add to bag
    • mobile pdp
  • AI-based dating profile text generator

    With the explosion of AI, a fun project to explore how to be creative in new ways.

    • Design
    • Branding
    • openAI
    • Langchain
    • i18n
    • Next.js
    • App
    • LLM
    • Kanban
    • app store screenshot
    • welcome intro
    • result
  • A Universal LMS Platform


    As the lead on a versatile, white-label Learning Management System project, I played a crucial role in bridging the gap between UX design and development teams. My focus was on steering these teams under a unified architectural vision, ensuring the LMS was adaptable across various industries. I managed the execution of this project from concept to completion, aligning it with diverse business requirements while maintaining scalability and customization.

    • CTO
    • UX
    • Sketch
    • Wireframes
    • Architecture
    • Scrum
    • A Universal LMS Platform
    • UX
    • UX2


At any given time one of the following tools and environments is likely to be running on my machines, either for work or for hobby.


I like the convenience of Nextjs to easily scale applications. Astro is usually my goto for smaller projects or when avoiding full React. Nodejs and Express happen for custom solutions, but I tend to focus my time on the frontend rather than the frameworks themvselves.

  • nextjs.gHSfS5zu
  • reactjs.ZKIv2OUO
  • astro.-WbD72rx
  • js.CAvwyin_
  • typescript.DSpSvd4g
  • tailwind.DJRWncln
  • mongodb.BukrI5jf
  • vs.DEXw5FIm
    VS Code


AI is an natural extension to my tech and design stacks. Not only to quickly discover and learn about the best ways to opmtimize my own work, but to enrich the content with dynamic and personalized experiences such as custom agents. So many new creative possibilities!

  • gpt.5vHcv7LQ
  • mj.Bh1x8kPH
  • sd.m5Jq6iud
    Stable diffusion
  • rp.DK9YvNVl
  • hf.5IXQ_Ip3
    Hugging Face
  • lc.V6zZJJQp


Other than the Adobe work horses since the 90s, Figma has replaced Sketch for my UX/UI, and Cinema 4D remains close to my heart to experiment in the 3D space.

  • figma.CfXLta8K
  • ai.BChe2s7A
  • ps.DQqHHrBA
  • ae.B95xKhQ3
    After Effects
  • c4.DJPuTjqo
    Cinema 4D